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This organization, under the leadership of Rajiv Mahajan along with Pankaj Arora and Luz Maria Gomez and entire team of GOV is now more dedicated to its goal of showing compassion and profound love to the needy than before. Given time and chance, there will be more success stories than these examples highlighted here. Guardians of the Voiceless (GOV) organization is inspired to show care and impact positively by rescuing one soul at a time. We believe that everything is possible if we maintain the positive attitude that we’ve always displayed. If the government chip in and support us, we are sure to reach new milestones. But still with the little help we get from donors, we’re still making good progress. We thank you for taking your time to knowing what the Guardians of the Voiceless is, and we know that this will inspire you too to become part of the Guardians of the Voiceless. No matter how small your act of compassion might be, they will make a big difference to a needy child or animal somewhere in this planet.