Today, October 17, 2015, has been a great day that will go down our memory lanes, thanks to the successful dental camp that was held at S.D Model High School in Patiala, India. The event was graced by hundreds of lovely children and teenagers who flaunted their smile after having their teeth cleaned and examined by Dr. Kanta Mital and her team from local medical offices.

The event was organized only a few weeks before the forth coming Dussehra, Dipawali and Bhai Dooj festivals. These festivals mark a season when a majority of young people indulge in eating sweet things such as methai, cakes and cookies that potentially harm their teeth especially if not properly cleaned. Many of the kids that attended this dental camp testified that they learned a lot about vital tips on how to maintain strong teeth. A large section of these children claimed that, previously, they had not been very keen when cleaning their teeth as they weren’t aware of the importance of having a thorough brushing. However, after the informative and educational talks given to them by the dentists, their school teachers and the GOV team, each one of them was left with a smile because they had learned something new about dental hygiene. Besides, they were also taught the importance of maintaining a smile no matter the situation they may be going through. Indeed, a smile makes one more approachable and even more beautiful.

The camp, which was the first of its kind at the school, offered dental cleaning and examination services to over 400 children. The event was graced by the attendance of the school management accompanied by a number of local leaders. Notable dignitaries present included Shri Sohan Lal Gupta, Treebun Gupta, Shri Gurumukh Singh Guru, Shri Jagat Ram Singh and many others.

The kids were taught on various health teeth cleaning habits most notably on brushing twice a day, especially after meals. Additionally, they were informed about the importance of choosing a brush with softer bristle and why they should use fluoridated toothpaste to reduce the risk of teeth decay. They were also informed about the damaging effects of soda and juices on their teeth. As such, they were advised to always use straws when having beverages to minimize the exposure of teeth enamel to sugars. As the numerous tips on dental health were given, the kids were eagerly listening and showing great intent to learn.

The dentist present also made the event lively by engaging the children in their talks. For example, one of the kids whose front milk teeth had been removed was at the center of a gag at one point when the dentist joked that the kid had the whitest teeth on the planet. He told the kid to smile so that everybody could see her “white teeth.” Everyone broke into laughter after seeing the gaps left on the kid’s gum as she had removed her front milk teeth. Overall, it was a successful event that marked the beginning of our journey to foster a healthier society.

On behalf of the school fraternity, the school principal, Mrs. Nirja Kaushal, thanked GOV for its unrelenting support towards promoting a more empathic and respectable society. “We are very grateful to GOV for sponsoring this event and for their selfless dedication to improving the life of the children,” said the principal in an address to the attendants. On their part, the children couldn’t hide their excitement as most appeared jovial and curious to learn as the day unfolded. The mood was also very lively as the children lined up to have the dentist poke their teeth for cavities. As the day neared its end, it was easy to tell that the children would have loved to have the activity prolonged.

On their behalf, the Guardian of the Voiceless expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to bring the dental camp to the school. “We are very happy to have participated in this noble event. It is our hope that everyone will be inspired to join us in our campaign,” Said Pankaj Arora, the GOV team leader. Pankaj particularly thanked Rajiv Mahajan for his guidance, inspiration and motivation as well asLuzMaria for her endless support in making the organization going.

The organization called upon all children to put in more effort in their school work for a brighter tomorrow. The GOV also expressed their interest in continuing sponsoring such events in an attempt to keep cultivating empathy and responsibility in the upcoming generations. “We are looking forward to building a community of young people who care and are ready to help those suffering in our society. The realization of our dream depends on your dedication as young people to helping those suffering, be it animals or people,” said Pankaj Arora in a speech to the children. Addressing the school management, the Guardian of the Voiceless called for the involvement of children in charitable works.

All the beneficiaries of this dental camp took home a dental care kit to help them maintain healthy teeth during the coming festive season. This was a practical way to prepare all those who attended the dental camp as it prompts them to implement all the teachings and skills they learned during the event.

In a post-event interview, the GOV event organizer said that the non-profit organization focused on children as they serve as the future of the society. He emphasized the need to offer proper care and education to every child irrespective of their social background. “We have been investing in children as the leaders of tomorrow, and we can assure you that we have started witnessing a change in social attitude,” said Teji.

Founded by Pankaj Arora, LuzMaria and Rajiv Mahajan the Guardian of the Voiceless is a non-profit organization based in the USA that helps neglected and suffering children and animals. The organization is built on a philosophy of empathy, compassion, and care for all living things.