Our achievements

Since our inception, we have managed to influence a big number of people to be part of our campaign. Today, we receive between 15 to 20 local calls on injured, abandoned, or sick street animals from our network of campaigners.

We are happy to mention that through our helpless children’s empowerment programs, we have managed to build a strong team in our fight for helpless animals. Today, the majority of our volunteers whom we have trained on the basics of animal care and first aid help us in their free time. Above all, the majority of these children have been rescued from poverty and are appropriately supported so they can continue their education.

A light for the hopeless

With our unrelenting effort to transform lives, we have rescued many from the circle of poverty and disease. The latest beneficiaries of our support are Jackie and Nasha, two young and vibrant girls whom we rescued from the streets. Before they were spotted and adopted by GOV, they used to collect garbage to get something for their upkeep. Today, thanks to our donors and well-wishers, these two young girls are well and in school. Through our mentorship programs, we are keeping tabs on them to ensure that they become responsible, loving and compassionate individuals. Teji, our program coordinator, checks on these two girls together with others on a weekly basis to monitor their going, homework and grades. Their teacher has reported that they are really putting effort to catch up and they are yet to improve their reading skills.

With a growing compassion and love young people show towards animals make us optimistic that we will realize our organizational objectives soon. Our faith in children and adolescents as the ambassadors of good treatment towards animals is unwavering. Recently we received a call from a certain parent telling us that his puppy had an injury to his stomach. But he told us a young boy was taking care of the puppy since the puppy separated from his mother. We swiftly responded by sending our doctors there to treat the puppy. The lad’s love for the puppy was evident. It was clear that he shared the pain with his puppy. We could clearly see that the young boy loved his puppy as he was holding him gently with a lot of care when we were treating him. We cleaned the cut and applied an antiseptic. We felt motivated to see our children, whom we see as the future generation, sharing the same vision as us by being compassionate to animals. He claimed to love our work and has always derived his inspiration from our work. This gave us hope that we’re achieving our organization goals.