Our Team

In conjunction with our team of volunteers, the following three founders are very dedicated and oversee the overall functioning of the organization. These three members have dedicated their lives to ensuring that the voice of the voiceless is heard.

Rajiv Mahajan

With an inexhaustible enthusiasm and unwavering faith, Rajiv Mahajan has been a great resource to the organization. As the president, he has been on the front line in ensuring that the organization sticks to its core values. He has a lifelong passion for children and upholds education for all. He has been a great source of motivation and inspiration to the entire membership. His actions and contribution have greatly influenced the success of GOV. His passion and humbleness enable him to connect with the organization on a deeper level. He’s always passionate and focused on changing people’s mindset by reviving their hope, energy and compassionate on a daily basis. As a CPA, he inspires achievement and success to his team members and other people.

Luz Maria Gomez

As the Vice President, Ms. Maria Gomez is a true reflection of commitment, love and compassion. Her hard work coupled with her love for children and animals propels her to go extra miles for the success of the organization. She has been the lead promoter of the organization through social media and other channels. It is mostly through her that we have managed to meet with great people who have supported and continue to support our projects. Maria Gomez is also the brain behind the involvement of volunteer children in rescuing, treating, and finding a home for vulnerable animals.

Pankaj Arora

Pankaj Arora is Operation Director in India. His compassion and love for the vulnerable led him to work on the cause to help helpless. Pankaj primary aim is to raise a compassionate and caring generation by involving children and adolescents in rescuing and helping animals. Pankaj Arora seeks to instill the values of empathy, respect, sensitivity in the upcoming generations.

His roles in the organization include responding to emergency calls and offering treatment and care of the injured, ill, or abused animals. Pankaj is also responsible for field coordination of volunteers and the execution of rescue plans.