Happy new year 2016

During the Holiday Season almost each and every family comes together, homes get decorated with trees, lighting and ornaments and opulent dinners are prepared. For some, this is a challenging and stressful period because of the oppression of the shopping list — what shall I get this cousin, that niece or friend? How do I avoid giving them a similar gift to the one I gave them last year? And of course, there’re always the demands of the children who want electronics gadget and video games.

Amidst all these activities and excitement, we lose the sight of the true meaning of the Holiday Season. There is no greater way to celebrate this time of the year than to Give, Forgive and Renew relationships with others. Just like Thanksgiving Day, it is a time to enrich the lives of the people around us by sharing with them the joy of this season.

Forgiveness involves letting go of the anger and bitterness caused to us by others and embracing them back in our lives. Once our hearts are free from the bitterness, we get in a better position to help others, whether emotionally, spiritually or materially.

Let us extend our hands to those who need us. We should remember that what these people need most is love and care and it is our duty to extend it to them. When it comes to giving, apart from material things, merely extending a smile to another person can mean a lot, especially if they are facing rejection. Devoting time to extend some words of kindness to a homeless or a sick person can make a difference to the way they celebrate this time of the year.

Let’s cultivate the culture of giving by showing gratitude to all.

We should connect with our lost relatives and friends and show them that we still care for them. By renewing our relationships with others, we are instilling a sense of importance in them and hence fostering positive thinking in their lives. It is human nature to seek acceptance, approval and acknowledgement and hence let us make them feel valued.

All in all, we take this opportunity to wish all of you and your friends and family a Holiday Season full of joy, hope, generosity and happiness. Let’s remember that true holiday spirit is in the act of giving without expecting anything in return; it is in forgetting self and finding significant time for others. Let us experience trur happiness that is only received by seeing joy and happiness in other people. It is a time to discard the meaningless and embrace the true values and renew relationships.

As the New Year kicks in, let us whole heartedly Give, Forgive and Renew relationships in our life. We take this opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays.