Guardians of the Voiceless (GOV) for children

We strongly believe that rescuing children and developing in them a sense of compassion will make for a better tomorrow.
We focus on inspiring the society by giving hope to the homeless and the abandoned children while at the same time motivating them to learn to take care of themselves and the animals around them. Through our team of volunteers and well-wishers, we offer education and basic life necessities to vulnerable children. We seek donors or volunteers (guardians) to care for the abandoned.

Our organization puts a lot of emphasis on child education as it is the first step towards ensuring an enlightened and stigma free society. In extending our compassion and love to the needy and the disadvantaged, we have managed to build a followership towards animal care. We are humbled to mention that most of the children whom we have helped have become ambassadors to animals’ health and wellbeing.

Guardians of the Voiceless (GOV) for animals

We extend our love and compassion to the neglected and suffering animals by offering them treatment and care and by finding them a home. Our organization is first in line for creating social awareness about the need for taking care of animals. Through our comprehensive approach in influencing children to join our course, we have managed to win many hearts. We have noticed a significant improvement in people’s perception of animals as living things that deserve love and compassion.

We aim to promote empathy, love and respect to all living things by empowering our children and adolescents with the holistic education. The Guardians of the Voiceless (GOV) is grounded in the belief that the beauty of the world comes from unity in variety. We also understand that it can only be achieved through love and therefore, share the same love and compassion for distressed animals as helpless children and care for them both equally.