About Us

Guardians of the Voiceless (GOV) is a non-profit organization in USA that was formed with an aim of providing education opportunities and better health to the less privileged children and it’s also involved in rescuing street animals to provide them with shelter and better life. We offer these lives the help they need and become their perfect guardians. We act as the facilitators who look for guardians that have compassion and match them with these needy lives. We do this through our appeal. We rely on donor funding and volunteer human resources to improve the lives of helpless children and animals.

For the legal framework, GOV is structurally organized as two different organizations: Guardians of the Voiceless for Children and Guardians for Animals. Even through structurally dissimilar, the two divisions share the same objectives and goals. Our organization aim’s to promote life and instill a sense of kindness and responsibility towards animals through holistic education to our upcoming generations.

Our objectives

Our primary goal is to talk for those who cannot talk for themselves in the society. Our focus is on children and animals as the society’s most defenseless. Our services are integrated to create a social awareness about the importance of empathy to all living things. We rescue children from the pains of poverty and influence them to join our noble cause towards rescuing and helping animals.

Through mentoring and the provision of life necessities to the disadvantaged children, we can make them the ambassadors of love and care towards animals. Given that most of these children had at one time faced hopelessness and despair, we have found the act of involving them in animal care to be psychotherapeutic.

Our investment in children as the ambassadors of good care for animals aims to change the negative societal attitude towards suffering animals. In our years of experience, we have noted an enormous gap between the amount of value placed on suffering animals when compared to a human. Our aim is to bring the social awareness that like humans, animals too experience pain and need someone to take care of them. We are fully devoted to developing a culture of selflessness and sacrifice to the disadvantaged in our society.

How we do it?

Through our well trained and equipped team of volunteers, we respond to calls on ill, wounded, and abused animals. Depending on the seriousness of the animal condition, our team treats it on the street or carries it home for more care. The involvement of children and adolescent volunteers in the rescue operation is supervised always to avoid harm by dangerous animals. Once the animal is treated, it is either released to the streets or given for adoption, depending on the circumstance.

Our organization depends on donor funding and volunteers to offer these services to the vulnerable. We depend on well-wishers to see that the societies most vulnerable receive food, treatment, and other basic needs. Apart from local volunteers, we welcome help from abroad from countries such as the United States, France, England, and Australia.

We realize that we can only succeed in creating awareness about animals by showing our compassion and love for the disadvantaged in the society. The Guardians for the Voiceless participates in helping the disadvantaged children by providing them with education and other essential needs. By helping the young generation, we hope to influence them to our cause of fighting for the helpless.

Our dedication to a healthy society

We make it our duty to ensure a healthy and a disease free society by offering education on proper animal care and control. Like any other living thing, a neglected and malnourished animal is likely to contract diseases and spread them to people.

For many years, the social cruelty towards sick animals has left theses helpless creatures in the hands of merciless individuals. For instance, it has been a habit for people in shanty areas to tie sickly dogs in a sack and club them to death or throw them in a river. Our organization aims to end such brutal acts against street animals and offer a lasting solution towards their control.

With the ongoing war against rabies in India, our organization is dedicated to ensuring a rabies free world by curbing the population of stray dogs through sterilization programs. In addition, we treat stray dogs to a full recovery to avoid the spread of communicable diseases. Our goal is to eliminate fully cruelty towards animals while ensuring a healthy and disease free society.

Coping skills for the disadvantaged

Apart from offering formal education to the helpless children, we equip them with life survival skills. Through our mentorship programs, we see their development to becoming responsible individuals. Their involvement in taking care of neglected animals is one way through which we teach them basic life skills. We take these children from loitering in the streets and engage them in productive and noble causes.

Like humans, some animals like dogs and cats need coping skills too. Before sending them to an adoption shelter, we train them to adapt to the new shelters.

Future prospects

We believe that the campaign towards fair treatment, love, and compassion for the less fortunate, people or animals, should be taken beyond borders. Our organization is currently operating in India, but we aim to expand our campaign to other countries as soon as possible. We seek to raise a new culture where everyone is empathic towards all living things irrespective of the benefits they gain from them. Through our investments in children and adolescents, we believe that we will be able to win the society in our course.